We believe that all workplaces, and society generally will benefit from an inclusive environment.

Bectu is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all members irrespective of sex, marital status, ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, gender identity, age, religion or belief, whether it be in the workplace or in the union.

This policy forms an integral part of our bargaining agenda – we try to make sure that all our workplace negotiations are underpinned by a clear commitment to equal opportunities.

Equality reps

We encourage all our branches to have at least one representative specialising in equal opportunity issues and liaising with both the workplace and union structures. They receive a pack containing appropriate guidance to help them in their role, and briefing notes to update them on key developments.

Advisory committee

We have a national equal opportunities advisory committee which advises our national executive committee and promotes equal opportunities generally within the union.

Training courses

All our training courses are welcoming and inclusive. Equal opps reps are strongly encouraged to attend the appropriate courses, which include discrimination law and workplace equal opportunities.