PLI Extra: Bectu Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance Plan (from 1 May 2022)

Bectu PLI Extra covers self-employed members against legal liability for costs and damages arising from Bectu-related work activities. The policy also provides members with weekly cash benefits following a Bectu work-related accident that causes temporary disability and a lump sum for permanent disability or loss of life.

Please note, if you need cover until 30 April 2022, please call the Member Contact Centre on 0207 346 0900.

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We’ve partnered with industry specialists Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd to administer Bectu’s bespoke policy to get our members the best deal on high-quality insurance.

Our policy covers any Bectu member working in film, broadcasting, independent television production, theatre, live events, games development, fashion assistants and the technical sector of the arts.

Bectu PLI Extra: great value cover for just £40

Bectu PLI Extra offers great value cover including:

  • Public Liability Insurance cover on claims up to £10m, including provision for claims up to £25,000 in respect of goods in the member’s custody and control. This figure reduces to £10,000 for fashion assistants.
  • Personal accident cover for injuries suffered at or on the way to work – £100 per week for up to 52 weeks where injury forces a member aged under 70 to stop working (excluding the first 2 weeks); a £20,000 lump-sum payment in the event of specified serious injury or death for a member aged up to 70 and reduced lump sum payments for members aged 70 to under 75 and 75 to under 80.

Cover is subject to you remaining in Bectu membership and starts on receipt of your payment and expires on 30 April each year with no refund given for cancellation.

Bectu PLI Extra is arranged on behalf of Bectu by Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd. Please see the Summary of Cover and full details of the Policy.

Any query with regards to the cover provided should be directed to Hencilla at [email protected]


All Bectu members resident in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are entitled to register for cover.

Suitability and demands and needs

Bectu PLI Extra is suitable for eligible Bectu members who work as freelancers or in partnership with others Bectu members that hold Bectu PLI Extra insurance.

A member’s individual Limited Company undertaking insured activities will also be covered by this policy where the member is the only Director or employee other than a Director who is a family member undertaking clerical duties.

This policy meets the demands and needs of individual members that wish to protect against (i) liability claims  resulting from third party personal injury and/or damage to property of any person not your employee arising during the course of The Business and (ii) the demands and needs of individual members that require specified financial benefits following an insured accident at work resulting in temporary/ total disablement or loss of life.

Should you employ or engage others under your direction , supervision and control you may require additional public liability and employers liability insurance.

Name of the insurer

This policy is underwritten by CovéaInsurance plc.. Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd manage the policy.

General Contract Disclosure

You will not receive any advice or recommendations in respect of this insurance. Bectu is the arranging customer of this policy and pay a minimum and deposit premium to incept this insurance. Cover is provided to qualifying members of  Bectu with specific Insurers being selected and agreed by Bectu. Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd receives a commission from the insurer for arranging this cover. In sourcing and placing your policy, Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd act as the agent of the Insurers.

Operative Time – The Business

This policy is only operative whilst you undertake (1) any activity related to your individual employment within broadcasting, entertainment, cinema, theatre, live events and video games development or (2) any activity related to Your employment as an art technician, curator or conservator or 3) any activity related to Your employment as a fashion assistant within media, fashion and live events. 4)  Any activity related to Your individual engagement as a Bectu Student member within broadcasting, entertainment, cinema, theatre, live events and video games development.

If you employ or engage others you should consider Employers’ Liability and additional Public Liability cover.

Members requiring additional Public Liability, Employers’ Liability, Professional Indemnity, additional Personal Accident cover and Equipment/contents cover can do so via where discounts are available for members.

Custody and Control

Custody and control refers to legal liability claims relating to loss or damage of goods that belong to a third party that are in the insured member’s care and/or use because of their work. Bectu’s standard cover for this is up to £25,000 per claim (the total limit for 12 months between 1 May to 30 April is £100,000). The standard cover limit for custody and control reduces to £10,000 for fashion assistants.

Members wishing to increase their custody and control limit to £250,000 can do so by paying £137 for the year or part year concurrent with the Bectu PLI Extra policy which renews on 1 May. Whereas the limit for any one claim is £250,000, under this extension there is no limit to the number of claims made by members from different causes during the period of cover.

Claims are still subject to a £500 excess and items which are owned, leased, hired or rented by the member are specifically excluded. The excess is the amount you pay to make a claim. Please see Bectu’s Media Freelancer Insurance to cover your own kit. Cover is otherwise as per the terms and conditions of the policy endorsement and broader policy wording.

This extended cover can be arranged by contacting Steven Paine at Hencilla once you have the standard Bectu PLI in place– via [email protected].

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