How Bectu is governed

Unions are run by members. Bectu is a sector of Prospect union and is run within Prospect’s governance structure.

In Prospect, we have an elected National Executive Committee (NEC) that is made up of representatives who make key decisions about what and how we deliver for our members. Bectu is run by a similar body, known as the Sector Executive Committee.

We also have a general secretary, who acts as the CEO of the union. This person is also elected by the membership, although often they are an employee of the union before they are elected. Members can also stand for election to this post.

To make sure we are constantly checking in with our members on what is important to them, Prospect holds a national conference every two years, attended by representatives. The conference decides on the union’s priorities. We also have smaller, industry-based conferences in alternate years.

Diversity and equality are essential to us, so we have a number of committees and networks to support the involvement of women, LGBT+ workers, black and minority ethnic workers, disabled workers and younger workers.

The rest of the union is made up of more than 250 paid staff who support members, negotiate with employers, run the union and organise in new workplaces. We aim to practice what we preach, and be a forward-thinking, inclusive, diverse and supportive place to work.

Rule book

The way that we are run is set out formally in the Prospect Rule Book.

Bectu also has a sector Rule Book.