A Better Future for Unscripted Freelancers

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The UK unscripted TV industry has reached a pivotal moment. Freelancers are feeling burnt out, disrespected and unable to sustain a family life and their wellbeing.

At a time when unscripted UK commissions are increasing, employers need to prioritise and invest in the main driver of this success, their dedicated and talented freelance workers.

ScreenSkills 2022 Unscripted TV Production Skills Review highlights the current difficulty retaining and recruiting production and editorial personnel, whilst the Film and TV Charity’s ‘Looking Glass ‘22’ report shows that 60% of workers surveyed are considering leaving the industry.

The problems found on unscripted productions are acutely felt by freelancers from black and minority ethnic backgrounds as well as disabled workers.

Your six-point action plan for a better deal

1. Join our Unscripted Action Network, open to members and non-members working in unscripted TV. Stay in touch and get updates on the latest activities.

2. Sign the open letter to UK production companies and broadcasters here

3. Join the online campaignGet your digital and social media pack here.

4. Are you on a great production that looks after its freelance workers? Let us know here.

5. campaign sticker artworkMake the campaign visible in your workplace. Order campaign stickers here.

6. Spread the word. Speak to other unscripted freelancers, ask them to support the campaign and to join Bectu.

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“Since the pandemic it has become the norm for a Shooting Producer-Director to do an intense day solo. I feel strongly the role has now exceeded capacity for what is reasonable for one person to do on their own.”

Shooting PD

As a woman, I’ve been sent to rural locations alone with no cell phone cover and no one from production checking in. I felt so unsafe but was told there was no budget to send a runner with me.”

Assistant Producer

“Some shows expect you to drop everything, days off, nights off, to be available to stick on location extra days, with no more than an hour or two’s notice and there’s no appreciation for it. It makes childcare or any work life balance impossible.”

Production Manager

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A Better Future for Unscripted Freelancers

It’s now time for unscripted freelancers to come together and take action.

Bectu believes freelancers deserve to have their work hours fully accounted for and compensated, their wellbeing and health and prioritised and the long hours culture tackled urgently.

We are calling for Pact, production companies and broadcasters to come together with Bectu to establish an agreed set of terms to regulate working practices for unscripted freelancers.

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