What are my employment rights as a carer?

Last updated: 14 Nov 2023

Employees are entitled to take a ‘reasonable amount’ of time off in the following circumstances:

  • to assist when a dependant falls ill, gives birth or is injured or assaulted;
  • to make arrangements for the provision of care for an ill or injured dependant;
  • in consequence of the death of a dependant;
  • when a dependant’s care arrangements unexpectedly end or are disrupted;
  • to deal with an incident involving their child at school (or other educational establishment).

Further details on these rights can be found in:

Prospect’s Members’ Guide on parental and family leave

Flexible working

All employees have the right to request flexible working, which may involve a change to hours, times or location of work. Flexible working arrangements may be a reasonable adjustment for a disabled worker. Further details of the right to request, the procedures involved and eligibility can be found in:

Prospect Members’ Guide on part-time and flexible working

Community care services

Local authorities and the NHS have a duty to provide services to disabled children and adults to enable them to continue to live in the community. Social services have a duty to provide services to a disabled adult who is ‘ordinarily resident’ in their local authority area. If a local authority treats people with autism differently, this may constitute unlawful discrimination.

Local authorities have a statutory duty to assess a person’s needs for community care services.

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