Designing content for users on the autistic spectrum

Last updated: 27 Apr 2022

Autism is an example of neurological diversity, or neurodiversity.

An autistic person’s strengths include memory, active learning, attention to detail and direct communications.

Their possible challenges include empathy, passive learning, working to approximations and indirect communications.

Here are some useful tips to ensure your communications and content are accessible for a user on the autistic spectrum:

Poster of tips to design content for users on the autistic spectrum. Links to poster download


  • use simple colours
  • write in plain language
  • use simple sentences and bullets
  • make buttons descriptive
  • build simple and consistent layouts


  • use bright contrasting colours
  • use figures of speech and idioms
  • create a wall of text
  • make buttons vague and unpredictable
  • build complex and cluttered layouts

Download our poster about designing content for users on the autistic spectrum

Find out more about how you can support your colleagues with autism via the links below.