Caring responsibilities and homeworking

Last updated: 03 Dec 2020

The separation between work and caring responsibilities has been more difficult for many of us to manage since the start of the pandemic.

Some staff may now have additional caring demands, so line managers must be made aware of any changes. If your organisation has a formal process for Prospect recording care plans, then this should be kept up to date.

If there is no formal process, speak to your line manager and follow this up with an email to record any arrangements agreed.

If there is an emergency, speak to your line manager about any difficulties you may be experiencing, particularly if this means that you are likely to be unavailable for periods of time during normal working hours.

For more information on this, members can download our full guide to homeworking.

Get help

If you feel your employer isn’t taking your caring demands into account, or if you have further questions about this issue, contact us for more help.