Race equality: resources and action plans

Last updated: 06 Feb 2024


Race Equality resource pack

We have created a race equality resource pack for global majority members and union reps. Download it here.

Bullying and harassment

A quarter (25%) of global majority employees have experienced racial bullying or harassment at work, according to Business in the Community (BITC)’s Race At Work Charter survey. Bullying and harassment remains a widespread problem in the creative industries.

Explore and download our guidance and resources on bullying and harassment  which can be used to appraise your employers practices and learn and teach others what to do in instances of bullying and harassment.

Mental health at work

Racism, pay inequality and underrepresentation are some of the things that can affect the mental health of people from global majority communities. According to the Mental Health Foundation rates of mental health problems can be higher for some global majority groups than for White people. They can also face barriers to access mental treatment and services.

That is why it is important that employers are addressing the issues that affect the mental health at workers as well as ensuring that support is effective and inclusive. Read our guidance on stress and mental health at work and download our Mental Health Checklist  to see if your employer is doing all they can to support good mental health at work.

Action Plans

Commercials Production Diversity Action Plan

The commercials Production Diversity Action Plan will address under-representation of global majority workers among crew working behind the camera. Read about the plan and download it here.

Race action plan

To help keep a focus on race equity, we have pulled our work together in a Race Action Plan that has been developed in partnership, and with the help of, black members and experts in the field – with members’ views at the core of the plan. Read the plan now.

Theatre Diversity Action Plan

Bectu’s Theatre Diversity Action Plan is an innovative approach to tackling the lack of diversity in the theatre workforce. Read more about it.


Race to be heard

There is currently ( Jan 2022) no effective way to monitor racism in the film and TV industry, often leaving it underreported. We also don’t have enough data to develop effective anti-racism policies. The Race to be heard campaign is calling  on entertainment unions, industry stakeholders and broadcasters to establish an independent racism reporting body in the broadcasting industry. We believe will give people the confidence to report racism and support and sustain diversity within the broadcasting sector and help improve it.   

6 demands

In 2021 we launched six demands to help tackle harassment and bullying harassment in the film and TV industry.  Read them here

Dignity at Work

Our flagship Dignity at Work campaign aims to champion workers’ rights to dignity and highlight the role and responsibility of unions in improving workplace culture. We want the creative industries to be inclusive and welcoming to all. We want to ensure that pay and reward structures and all policies are all fairly and consistently applied. We’re committed to narrowing the gender pay gap and break down the barriers to under representation, pay and career progression.