Physical Wellbeing

Part of Bectu Vision

Many of us have working positions that require us to be in static positions for long periods without really moving much and so it is no coincidence that many of us suffer from neck and shoulder tension, headaches and back pain. Not only is this physically uncomfortable but it also affects our ability to concentrate and be productive.

Bectu Vision has been working with Osteopath, Andrew Patterson, to create a menu of exercises to help prevent postural strain and contains a mixture of stretches which you can do on set, at your desk and at home.


Download the Physical Wellbeing poster here
Physical wellbeing poster outlining various stretches


Individual images so you can add a exercise of the day to your call-sheet: Download here

physical wellbeing training on the street

Bectu Vision’s Drama Training Programme is supported by Screen Scotland, BBC and Scottish Union Learning in partnership with Bectu.

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