Writing horror

Due to COVID-19, our courses are currently suspended until further notice. Details of resumption of the vocational training programme will be communicated in due course. In the meantime, take a look at our new new online bitesize vocational training programme.

What will I learn ?

By making our fears concrete, horror intensifies the visual and cinematic quality of stories, increasing their stakes, heightening their emotions and providing opportunities for strong audience engagement.

Writers and filmmakers can use horror in truly cinematic ways that have great creative potential and a prospect of communicating to big audiences.

This is because horror embodies its ideas rather than just talking around them. Instead of creating stories with themes of rage or grief, for instance, it creates beings made from those emotions.

The workshop will help you think through the genre in fresh and creative ways, opening up your work to new possibilities.​

For more information contact tutor Ian Long.

Who is it for ?

Writers, directors and producers interested in exploring the genre, and how it might be applied to their work, or those who are creating or currently working on horror projects.


Euroscript’s Ian Long is an experienced writer, script editor and story consultant and head of Euroscript’s consultancy services. He has worked as a consultant for the UK Film Council’s Premiere and New Cinema Funds, The First Film Foundation and The Script Factory.