Writing for radio: Movies in the mind

Due to COVID-19, our courses are currently suspended until further notice. Details of resumption of the vocational training programme will be communicated in due course. In the meantime, take a look at our new new online bitesize vocational training programme.

What will I learn ?

For a writer, radio can be the most creative medium of all. It engages an audience in a uniquely powerful way and the results can be extraordinary. The only limit is your own imagination.

On this course you will learn how to:

  • use voices and words to create effective characters
  • write distinctive radio dialogue, for comedy and drama
  • write and use monologue – including internal monologue
  • create settings and locations
  • take the listener there and how to keep the listener listening
  • how and when to use sound effects and music

You’ll discover which programmes can make the transition from radio to TV or film… and which can’t.

If you have any questions, or for more information, please email Paul Bassett Davies.

Who is it for ?

Writers wanting to explore all aspects of writing for radio or audio platforms and working in a medium of endless possibilities or to develop their radio projects.

Radio is also a great way to develop your career in the broadcast world. BBC radio is one of the world’s biggest commissioners of drama and comedy, and some broadcasts get audiences of a million plus – more than many TV shows. It’s a hungry medium.


Euroscript’s Paul Bassett Davies is a highly experienced radio writer and producer. He has worked on many BBC sitcoms and comedy series and written several radio dramas, starring actors like Bill Nighy, Alison Steadman, David Hemmings, and Martin Clunes. This practical workshop uses hands-on exercises to cover nearly every aspect of writing for radio and other audio platforms.


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