Prospect launches Partnership Agreement with BT

24 March 2022

Last week, Prospect met with the Chief Executive of BT, Philip Jansen, to discuss the new Prospect and BT partnership agreement.

Head of Prospect Mike Clancy, Prospect Deputy Vice President Christine Dannielle, Prospect BT Committee Chair Ian Varnes and Jenny Tingle Prospect Assistant National Secretary met with Philip Jansen and BT HR Director Debbie White to discuss the priorities of our BT members going forward.

l-r: Debbie White, BT HR Director; Ian Varnes, Prospect BT Branch Chair; Philip Jansen, BT Chief Executive; Christine Danniell, Prospect Deputy-Vice President, BT Branch Committee; Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary; and Jenny Tingle, Prospect Assistant Secretary, BT & Digital Division

The meeting covered a wide range of topics around how BT and Prospect can continue to work together constructively. They discussed the rollout of full fibre broadband, Prospect and BT’s work on diversity and inclusion, the importance of embedding flexibility into workplace culture, the fantastic work Prospect members did keeping the country connected during the pandemic and pay.

The newly agreed Prospect/BT Partnership Agreement sets out the future of Prospect’s relationship with BT as the recognised collective representative voice of managers & professionals in the UK.

The purpose of this framework is to set out how Prospect and BT can work together to build and maintain a positive working relationship that supports BT’s Ambition 2030 plan. The Partnership Agreement underpins and builds on the 2019 recognition agreement with BT.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect, said:

“Prospect had a really constructive meeting with Philip Jansen, the BT Chief executive, in the new building today.”

“Our conversation covered a range of issues that members will be concerned about and a commitment to work together for a successful BT post pandemic.”

Philip Jansen, CEO of BT, said:

“It’s fantastic to work constructively with our union partner Prospect on this Partnership Agreement. In our discussion we identified common ground in wanting to embed flexibility into BT’s workplace culture, work together to improve diversity and ensure the long term success of the business and our people.”

Christine Danniell, Prospect Deputy Vice President, said:

“We met with Philip Jansen and Debbie White today to discuss the partnership agreement and we will continue to work with BT to deliver the Race Action Plan and our work on diversity. So that BT becomes a shining light on how things should be done in workplaces.”