Bectu takes leading role in detailed consultation on production ‘return to work’ standards

5 May 2020

Proposals on how production in high-end film and TV will resume will be put to Bectu members this week.

What do you think ? on white paper

The first draft proposals have emerged as a result of working group considering how physical production will take place. Just a handful of organisations including Bectu are contributing to the group considering how the crucial work can recommence. The working groups have been pulled together by the British Film Commission and the BFI.

The inward investment group is looking at international examples of film and TV returning to work alongside domestic proposals from across the industry. Their work is also likely to influence other areas of scripted production in the UK including commercials and lower-budget TV drama work.

Inward investment productions, such as Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Netflix’s The Witcher, generate 80% of film and TV’s contribution to the UK economy.

The operation of post-VFX production and business and legal work are also being discussed in separate working groups.

Bectu members will be consulted in a number of online sessions this week for their thoughts and responses on the physical working group proposals.

The aim is for a set of documents to be ready to feedback to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport by the end of the week.

Head of Bectu Philippa Childs said:

“Bectu’s involvement in these working groups is crucial as the health of the workforce can not be compromised in exchange for filming starting again.

“However we are aware that many people will be desperate to get back to work as they have been excluded from government income protection schemes.

“If we are able to achieve uniform standards of working on productions that will be a huge step forward and will also give people a sense of how production will change and the implications for their working lives.

“These are important discussions and Bectu will be listening to all areas of our membership to ensure that the economic necessity of returning to work is balanced with people’s health and safety.”