Standing Up

Following Bectu’s Eyes Half Shut campaign, the London Production Division has listened to the concerns of its members and is using its 2019 campaign to shine a light on the culture of bullying within the industry and find empowering ways to address it.

Bectu’s Standing Up campaign aims to encourage workers to be assertive and challenge unhealthy cultures.

Standing Up Guide

Bectu have created a guide to help workers to stand up for themselves and others. The ‘Standing up – for yourself, and for each other’ guide and outlines what help is available to tackle the climate of bullying within the creative industries as well as how we can create real change by working together. It covers:

  • Bectu’s Major Motion Picture and TV agreements and how they protect you
  • What to do in the face of late payments and to fight for better T&Cs
  • An outline from BAFTA and the BFI on their groundbreaking new principles and zero-tolerance guidance in this area
  • Information on how you can get involved to work with others and create change
  • Tips on negotiating your rate and much more!